Kickstarter is your opportunity to pre-order - at the best price

In short, Kickstarter is a campaign platform where start-ups can make their ideas a reality, share new visions and live out their design dreams. 
For us, Kickstarter is important, as this is where we can live out the dream of creating playful designs. All our animals - with a few exceptions - was supported through the amazing community on Kickstarter through four campaigns. 
Right now we are in full swing developing our FIFTH Kickstarter, where you can pre-order all our Pick-Me-Up's. It all runs off the stack February 14th. and ends March 20th.

Why Kickstarter? 

By pre-ordering (backing) you can get a big discount. This time up to 43% if you are involved from the start. You will also be among the first to receive the animals as soon as they are ready. Expected Delivery August - October '22.


What we get out of it? 

We get the opportunity to start production with the help of the money we collect on the campaign. At the same time, we get to spread the word about our fabulous wooden animals to the wide world. 


What is a backer? A backer is a person who has backed the project by supporting. 


How does Kickstarter work? 

Each project creator sets their project's financing goal and deadline. If people like the project, they can support the project to make it happen. If the project succeeded in achieving its funding goal, the project will become a reality. Kickstarter funding is all-or-nothing. If the project does not live up to its funding goal, it does not turn into anything, and all backers get their money back.

Kickstarter Guide

Trin for Trin

Step 1: Go to and find  FableWood | Pick-Me-Up's 

Step 2: Click on the button BACK THIS PROJECT

Step 3: Choose the desired package and which country for delivery. Then press the button PLEDGE

Step 4: Now you have the option to choose add-ons if you want a small oak elephant or tote bag. Then press CONTINUE

Step 5: Create an account by entering name, email and password. Then press CREAT ACCOUNT. Or login with an existing account or Facebook
Step 6: Enter your card information and zipcode, then press PLEGDE to complete your pre-order
Step 7: At the end of the campaign, we will send you a questionnaire where you must enter your information.

It's super easy and safe to pre-order through Kickstarter, and that and that makes a huge difference for us. In fact, it means we can create the new animals.


"How do I pledge? When is my card charged? How do I adjust my pledge?
A lot of answers can be found at Kickstarter's help page. Link below. Or feel free to message us through the message function or by email:
"When can I expect to receive my Pick-Me-Up’s?"
1st batch of Pick-Me-Up’s are expected to be send August ‘22 and 2nd batch is expected to be send October ‘22

"Can you buy the sparrow, Emma?"
No, the Sparrow is a strech goal and is only part of the Every Pick-Me-Up Ever package! and The ENTIRE Collection

"What if I want to pledge for more than one reward?"

On Kickstarter you can only pledge once. If you want to pledge for more than one reward you have 2 options: 

1. Create a different account using another email

2. Add the amount of the extra reward to as BONUS SUPPORT and write us a message with what it is you want to add to your pledge.

"Where are the trees planted?" 
We have committed to planting 5 trees for every animal sold (1 tree for the small Pick-Me-Up's). Our partners at Eden Reforestation reestablish forests with the help of local communities in projects in: Madagascar, Indonesia, Haiti, Kenya and several other countries. In this way local jobs are created and people are helped out of poverty taking care of their local forest. We are very happy to support Eden Reforestation in their work. Read more about their projects at:

“Where and when do I enter my address?” Once the campaign ends and we get closer to the shipping date we will send out a survey to collect your shipping information.

Where and when do I enter my address? Once the campaign ends and we get closer to the shipping date we will send out a survey to collect your shipping information.